Who Will Take Care of You or Your Family?

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When you think about last wills and testaments, you probably imagine an elderly, incredibly wealthy person bequeathing their massive estate. In reality, every adult needs a will. The Law Offices Of Steven L Crawford provides will writing services to clients in Grover Beach, California and the surrounding area.

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Wills and Testaments

3 myths about writing a will

Many people choose not to write a will because they believe they're...

  • Too young: Young people often fail to make provisions for their future health care-and their children's care-because they feel invincible. It isn't worth the risk.
  • Too healthy: An accident can take away your health-or even your life-in an instant. Don't leave your loved ones scrambling to figure out your wishes.
  • Too poor: Will writing can involve deciding who will inherit your estate. But it's often about planning for those who survive you. Set up guardianships for your children, pets or elderly parents.
The Law Offices Of Steven L Crawford writes last wills and testaments for clients of all ages and in all situations. Contact our Grover Beach, CA office today to set up a consultation.